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dinosaurlovee's Journal

5 March
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Just a girl,
her heart
& what they see.

My own worst enemy. I am a mess of contradictions & 11:11 wishes, I like staying up too late & sleeping in the next morning. I am terrified of heights, clowns, & being alone. I amuse myself by reading, writing poetry, spending far too much time on the computer, & hanging out with friends. My maturity level is all over the place. I can be serious, overly so, & therefore I end up reverting to a kid much of the rest of the time, I spend far too much time attached to headphones, listening to whatever song currently has my heart. My friends are my everything, I would be lost without them.

I hate liars & backstabbers. I love slow dances. I'm not afraid of honesty, in fact I value it above pretty much everything. I have OCD, but my socks never match. I like bright colours because they make me happy, I am more than slightly obsessed with polka dots & retro things. My favourite season is autumn. I don't put denominational labels on my religious beliefs. I'm random, I'll admit that, & selfish sometimes, just like every other human being. But I love easily, forgive quickly, & laugh as often as I possibly can.

I’ve been told many times now that I'm wise beyond my years. I've been through a lot in these 18 years of living, but I hold no grudges. It’s all helped me see a different perspective of it all. What does not kill you makes you stronger. But in all actuality, I’m still a kid at heart. I laugh too much, and too loud for my own good. I’ll do just about anything to make someone laugh, even if it means making me look like an idiot. Life is what you make it. I’ve got my mind right, know what I want out of life, and I’m working on getting there. I party hard, and still manage to go to school the next morning on time. I’m very outgoing, very opinionated & upfront. Sicker than your average. There’s a good chance you don't like me, but an even bigger chance I could care less. I am who I am; your opinions are neither desired, nor required. I have no time for bullshit high school drama, take it elsewhere.

Before Adding Me

I like making complete sentences sometimes and other times, not. So if that bothers you, don't add me. I also could care less about God and religion, so if you get mad about people hating on religion, Christianity or other kinds, then you might not want to add me. Actually, DON'T add me if you like that.

I also talk about drugs quite a bit. I use to be addicted to cocaine, still am, but haven't done any in almost a month. Yay. But I frequently talk about other drugs or being sober. So if that's a question mark in your head, don't addd me, because I won't stop talking about it, it's my life. I just graduated rehab from my addictions.

I don't drink soda, but I do drink Vodka occationaly. Other than that, water is my drink of choice. Yes, water. Nothing else, except for an energy drink now and again.

I also HATE America. I'm very NONpatrioctic. I hate the pledge as well. We think we're better than everyone & it gets on my nerves.

That's all for now. Peace Out NIgga.

P.S. I say "Nigga, nigs, nigger" occationaly, so if this offends you, then you might want to LEAVE NOW.

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